About the Pastor

The most important reality in my life is God, God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ. I grew up in a non-Christian home, without knowledge of or desire for God. As an adult I was introduced to Jesus Christ by friends, and accepted forgiveness, salvation and a new direction for my life. I am a recent graduate of Princeton Seminary. Prior to attending Seminary I worked as a high school science teacher, as a carpenter, and as a residential building contractor. I considered all of these callings from God, and I worked at them as ministries of Jesus Christ.

Karen and I have been members of several different churches over the years, including a Mennonite church, a Christian Church, and several Presbyterian Churches. Before becoming a pastor, I served the Church as a youth leader, a Sunday school and Bible study teacher, and in various outreach ministries including Habitat for Humanity.

My preaching and teaching are based in Scripture and emphasize encountering God in a relationship with Jesus Christ. I consider Bible study, prayer, worship, service, and Christian fellowship as the basic tools the Holy Spirit uses to shape us into the people we should be. I believe that God calls us to live as obedient servants in all areas of our lives  the inner life and the outer life, work and play, family life and community life. God calls us to love one another and to reach out to those around us with deeds of love and mercy, working for peace and justice, and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our neighbors.

My son Bennett  is a junior at Calvin College in Grand Rapids and my wife Karen is directing a Retired and Senior Volunteer Program at Burlington County College.

Office Hours:

In an emergency please feel free to contact me anytime at the church office (261-3026) or the house (261-9069). If you need to see me for a non-emergency situation, call me between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Try the church office first, if I am not there, feel free to call the house. If you leave a message, and you really want me to get it, leave it on the church office answering machine. My email is – jpchurch1@juno.com